George Emerson Goodrich and his family were early pioneers in St. Louis Park. He does not appear to be related to Calvin Goodrich or John A. Goodrich.  Goodrich Ave. was named for Calvin Goodrich.

George was born in Maine in 1827 and his wife Jemima (sometimes found as Jemina) was born in 1833, also in Maine.  They married in 1855 and came to the area via Anoka by Ox team in 1864. He purchased the heavily-wooded 80-acre Lenox tract for $10/acre. The Goodrich Home faced Minnetonka Blvd., which at that time was unpaved. In 1886 he was part of group of men who took a census in order to get Village status. George served on first Board of Trustees. In 1913, the Lenox tract was platted into 500 lots.

George and Jemina’s children were:

Herbert H. Goodrich was born in 1857 in Anoka. He came with his family to St. Louis Park and went to school here. He attended the U of M, and married Rosella A. Varner of Golden Valley in 1882. He was a conductor on the motor line and went into the steam fuel business. He served as Vice President of Calhoun State Bank. Rosella died in 1934. Herbert died in July 1935 at the age of 78.

Harriet B. Goodrich was born on July 1, 1860 in Anoka.  She came to the future St. Louis Park with her family in 1864 and spent the rest of her life in the Park.  In December 1912 she married Edwin A. Gast, who retired from farming soon after.  In 1915 they built a home at 5814 West Lake Street.  Mr. Gast died on September 6, 1939.  Harriet died on August 21, 1943.


Daughter Lula was born in 1870; she was likely either Mrs. C.W. Swett, St. Paul or Mrs. Karl P. Buswll of Tucson.

Son Willard was born in 1888 and may have not lived long.

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The Goodriches are buried at Lakewood Cemetery.  To view gravestones, go to