Groves Academy is a “non-denominational school serving youth with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders.”


From the school’s web site:



On a sunny, September 11 morning in 1972, a small group of parents gathered around U.S. Senator Hubert Humphrey near the front doors of the former Oak Knoll School located at 2000 Hopkins Crossroads in Minnetonka. Senator Humphrey proceeded to cut the ribbon in a dedication ceremony for the new Groves Learning Center, which was opening that day with an enrollment of 21 students. This day marked the culmination of a years-long effort on the part of several visionary families to open a school in Minnesota that served the needs of students with learning disabilities and attention disorders.




The founding families of Groves Academy originally met in the concourse of Northwest Airlines at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. Under different circumstances, the families would probably have never met. They came from different backgrounds and lifestyles. But they all had one thing in common: each had a son or daughter with a learning disability or attention disorder, and there was no school in Minnesota for such students. So, to provide their students with an appropriate education, the families had to send their children to a boarding school in Florida, where they would remain for months at a time. These families knew there had to be a better way.


In the late 1960s, members of these families began to talk. Soon, they organized a committee of 12 people to start to determine what it would take to start a school for their students here in Minnesota. Over a three-year period, these families did research, conducted interviews, considered various sites and learned from their successes and mistakes. Throughout, the families shared a passion and a determination to make the school happen.




Finally, on that glorious September morning in 1972, the sun beamed down on the yellow ribbon that adorned the front doors of the school. Senator Humphrey cut the ribbon and Groves Learning Center – named in loving memory of Franklin Groves, president of the Groves Construction Company of Minneapolis, a strong advocate of education and the grandfather of one of the original students – opened its doors. The dream of this determined group of parents became a reality, and their children could finally get the education they needed right here in Minnesota.




In September of 1982 the Groves Learning Center relocated to the former Ethel Baston School in St. Louis Park, located at 3200 Highway 100 South.  Enrollment at that time was 115 students.  Three years later, in September of 1985, the school was renamed Groves Academy.




Forty years later, Groves Academy celebrate its founding parents’ commitment and vision. The dream they had for their children has created a future of success for the more than 1,500 students who have attended Groves Academy over the years. We are forever grateful.



  • September 1972:  Dedication of the Groves Learning Center, located at 2000 Hopkins Crossroads in Minnetonka.  Enrollment was 21 students.
  • September 1982:  Groves Learning Center relocated to the former Ethel Baston School in St. Louis Park, located at 3200 Highway 100 South.  Enrollment was 115 students.
  • September 1985: The school was renamed Groves Academy.
  • September 1988:  Development of a reference library and expansion of the computer room was completed.
  • September 1993:  Groves Academy added a soccer field to its campus and basketball and volleyball courts were added to the playground
  • September 1994:  Groves Academy completed work to add a new state-of-the-art Media Center
  • September 2000: Groves Academy launched a $9 million capital campaign called “Think…of the Possibilities!”
  • June 2001: Groves Academy began a project to remodel and expand existing facilities to accommodate growing enrollment.  Construction added seven new classrooms, a new science lab, a teaching kitchen, a new gym with locker rooms, a state-of-the-art computer and technology lab, a new Middle School, and Project-Based Learning workshop.
  • January 2002:  Construction was completed.  Enrollment was 136 students.
  • September 2010: Construction was completed on a $7 million expansion and renovation.  Facilities included a new kitchen and dining hall, a media center and library, a ceramic studio, a weight and exercise room, a gymnasium and new classrooms and offices.  Enrollment was 207 students.
  • September 2012: Groves Academy celebrated 40 years of service to the Minnesota community.