Reuben Kuempel started a clock factory in Gutenberg, Iowa in 1916. The factory made kits for woodworkers to assemble many types of clocks, including grandfather clocks. From the beginning, the company employed older workers – grandfathers making grandfather clocks.

During WWII the company moved to St. Louis Park. It was located in a white frame building at the railroad tracks and Brunswick Ave. that had previously housed a saloon and the fire station.  Vivian Flatten was the secretary.  Vivian’s father-in-law, Pete Flatten, worked at the clock trade until he was in his 90s. Other Parkites who worked there were Bill Jaglo, Stoge Williams, Spike Williams, and others. They were all retirees who liked the idea of using their skills and keeping busy.

In 1970 the company moved to Greenwood/Excelsior.

In 1990, four partners, including John Swon and Bruce Hedblom, bought the company and continued the tradition of employing older workers.

The company ceased operations in March 2008.