CHRISTY’S CORNER: 6401/07 Lake Street

The genesis of this site may be in 1928, when H.G. Worel sold Benzo gas, Mobil Oil, tubes, tires, and accessories at Lake and Pleasant (Wooddale).  There are, of course, four corners at that intersection.

The first city records available show a building built at this corner in 1926.  We do know that Carl Edward “Ed” Christy bought the old station in 1930 and ran his Phillips “66” gas station and sporting goods store here it until he died in 1954.

The Christys came to the Park in 1922.  In 1937 they built their house across the intersection where the dental offices are now.  The house was moved when Ed’s wife moved to Dallas in 1975.  The family had also owned the property where McDonald’s was built in 1958.






Photo courtesy D&D Auto Works





In December 1955 the business was taken over by Ed’s son Allen and the original building was moved away and replaced with the present building.  A grand opening was held on December 16 and 17.  It was advertised as “The Northwest’s Most Modern – best Equipped — Service Station.  Phillips and Allen Christy have spared no effort to give you – the residents of St. Louis Park – the very finest.


December 1955 sketch of new building


Photo courtesy D&D Auto Works


An addition was built in 1958.





Another addition was built in 1968.




Allen Christy sold the station early in 1979.  By 1981 it was the Park 66 Diagnostic Center.  In 1984 it was owned by Bruce and Candyce Johnson.  The gas tanks were taken out in about 1986, when it became Wooddale Automotive – Union 76/Bejco/Unocal.


2001 Photo courtesy D&D Auto Works



By 2007 it was D&D Auto Works.



Christy issued souvenir wallets to hold hunting and fishing licenses:


Cloth souvenir wallet donated by Earl Ames



Photo courtesy Scott Noren


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