Thanks to Jim Vaughn, Environmental Officer for the City of St. Louis Park, for the following information.

City Pond/Lake vs. Private Pond/Lake Designation

In an attempt to classify surface waters as either public or private, staff has come up with the following designations:

City Lake/Pond = over 50% of surrounding land of lake/pond owned by City of St. Louis Park

Private Lake/Pond = over 50% of surrounding land of lake/pond privately owned


Lakes versus Ponds

Lake = over 2.5 acres in size (standing water) and is considered a “public water”

Pond = less than 2.5 acres in size (standing water); not considered a “public water”

MN DNR Controls and regulates “public waters” for treatments.


Amhurst Pond:  Private, .9 acres

Bass Lake:  City, 29.3 acres

Blackstone Pond:  Private, .4 acres

Browndale:  City, 3.8 acres

Candlestick Pond:  Private, 2 acres

Cattail:  City, 1.4 acres

Cedar Manor:  City, 3.5 acres

Cobble Crest Lake:  Private, 8 acres.  Formerly known as Tinker’s Pond.

Hampshire:  City, 1.4 acres

Hannon Lake:  Private, 7.1 acres

Kilmer:  City, 3.2 acres

Klodt Pond:  Private, 1.1 acres

Lamplighter:  City, 19.2 acres

Louisiana Oaks:  City, 6.3 acres

Meadowbrook Lake:  City, 29 acres

Oregon:  City, 4.5 acres

Otten:  City, 1.7 acres

Shelard:  City, .2 acres

South Oak:  City, 5.6 acres

32 1/2 & Sumter:  City, 1.4 acres

Twin Lake:  City, 12.4 acres

Twin Sed:  City, 3.7 acres

Utah Pond:  Private, 1.2 acres

Victoria Lake:  City, 7 acres.

Westdale:  City, 2.2 acres

Westling Pond:  Private, .9 acres

Westwood Lake:  City, 13.5 acres

Wolfe Lake:  City, 2.3 acres