Appendix A: List of Electors

The following is a list of the 70 electors who were eligible to vote in the election to incorporate the Village of St. Louis Park.  Names were secured from the document in Book 28 of Miscellaneous, page 391, in the Register of Deeds Office of Hennepin County.  Some electors spell their names differently at other times.  Different spellings are given in parenthesis.


Peter Schussler

Frank Kelley

Frank Makoska (Mazosky)

Christopher Hanke

Henry Walters

W.A. Haney

Henry Myers (Meiers)

James Hannan

L.C. Newcomb

S.M. Williams

Chesley Hamilton

George Higgins

Geo. E. Goodrich

Chas. H. Hanke

C.R. Newcomb

D.J. Falvey

Joseph Hamilton

Wm. L. Stowe

E. Weatherhead

O.K. Earle

D.D. Sullivan

August Johnson

B.S. Bonney

John Hill

L.P. Fossberg (Forsberg)

Jerry Quinn

Chas. Hill

Wm. Falvey

Geo. W. Jenks

John Johnson

J.A. Patnand (Patenard)

Max Schnider

Victor Volstrop

C.W. Sweet (Swett)

Edward Moser

John Anderson

A.W. Sweet (Swett)

T.H. Williams

Frank Anquest

S.E. Boyce

John Schultz

Alfred Lundquist

Edwin Goodrich

Axel Fossberg (Forsberg)

A.E. Glanke

J.M. Spinney

John Moldestad

Swan Anderson

S.B. Sutton

E.A. Gast

Geo. S. Woolsey

J.J. Salchert

H.E. Butler

M.V. Pratt

J.D. Petria

G.W. Bushaw

F.B. Knowles

C.B. Waddell

Chris Johnson

C.F. Baston

Patrick Halloran

Fred Ramean

F.H. Ackley

Chas. Rye

Michael Hannan

John Larkin

Geo. N. Moore

Albert Przybilski


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