We tracked down the rumor that Hugh O’Brian – TV’s Wyatt Earp – was from St. Louis Park. In his own words:

“yes, I did live in beautiful St. Louis Park or, I should say, my parents did for about six years. While at the University of Cincinnati, I enlisted in the Marine Corps, and only visited my parents in Minnesota on two occasions.”

Hugh Charles Krampe was born on April 19, 1949, 1925, in Rochester, New York.  His father was Hugh John Krampe (1890-1958) and his mother was Edith Lillian Marks (1895-1949).  O’Brien was sometimes referred to as Hugh Krampe, Jr., although they had different middle names.

O’Brien died on September 5, 2016.

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O’Brian was reportedly 17 when he went into the Marines, which makes it 1942, since he was born in 1925. Let’s say his parents moved to Minnesota sometime between 1940 (his junior year of high school) and 1942, and stayed six years – that would make it some six-year period between 1940 and 1948.  Someone else estimated the dates as 1938 to 1942.  The name Krampe does not appear in any Village directory during any of those years.


We still don’t know exactly where his parents lived in St. Louis Park, although someone remembered them on Goodrich.