In 1932 the first Planning Commission was formed to direct various area and city-wide plans and formalized zoning.  The Commission was reconstituted in 1943, with Morton Arneson as Chairman. All permits for business, industry, apartment buildings, and subdivisions had to be approved by the Board.

In a letter dated May 15, 1945, O.B. Erickson reported that:

Our Planning Board has just completed a comprehensive zoning map for all St. Louis Park, designating residential, commercial and industrial factory land use. This is quite important in order to regulate the tremendous building of homes and businesses establishments contemplated after this war.

A new major planning program began in 1956 as a result of the rapid growth which occurred during the decade following WWII.

The City’s first modern thoroughfare plan was adopted in 1958.

A comprehensive zoning ordinance was passed in 1959.

Arneson resigned on January 2, 1952, and was replaced by R.N. Ruedlinger.


In 1968, a complete Comprehensive Plan, covering all major elements of the entire City, was adopted.  The second major plan was adopted in 1984 and amended in 1991.