From their web site:

Plasti Dip International started in December 1972 as a small manufacturer of Plastisol [heat cured PVC] products such as toys [Gumby®/Pokey®], handle grips, and chain saw scabbards.  Founder and President Robert Haasl quickly realized how valuable an air dry version of Plastisol could be to the home user and other manufactures. Haasl set out to develop the first air dry do-it-yourself rubberized coating and soon introduced Plasti Dip® to the world. Plasti Dip® became the first in a series of innovative do-it-yourself specialty products developed and sold during the 70’s. Other products included VLP® [vinyl liquid patch], Super Grip® [endorsed by Arnold Palmer and Tony Oliva of the Minnesota Twins®], 3 Way Racket Spray for leather sport grips, Water Guard [competitor of Scotchgard®], and water bed repair kits private labeled for most OEM’s. These unique DIY products sold through hardware stores [ACE Hardware® and Sears® among the first] and distributors which put Plasti Dip International on the map.


In 1960 the company was on Cambridge Ave. in Skunk Hollow, but it may have moved to Gorham in the ’60s.

Flashbacks kids remember finding reject Gumby and Pokeys in the trash.  One day in Central Junior High nearly every student had a Gumby or Pokey with a wire poking out sitting on their desk. Then the manufacturer secured their garbage so kids wouldn’t swoop in on them. A sad day indeed.  Although one girl’s brother would bring her very disturbing Gumbys and Pokeys that didn’t turn out right and it made her sad to see Gumby and Pokey like that.