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1893-1894:  Frank G. Bennett

1895:  S.M. Abott

1900-1901:  R.L. Davidson

1918:  Lucile A. Dewistedt

1922-1923:  Margaret Spaulding

1923-1926:  Luella B. Lenz/Wisnom

1926-1932:  N.H. (Norreys Hume) McKay.  See Superintendants

1932-35:  J.W. McNeal

1936-1937:  Laurance Evans.  Evans left to become Principal in Boone, Iowa.  He returned to Park to become Superintendent in 1943.

1938-1944:  Alvin L. Martinson.  Martinson went into the insurance business and advertised in the Echo.

July 1944-December 1948:  Milton H. Kuhlman – came from Stillwater, left to start Edina High School.  (July 8, 1901 – Feb. 29, 1984)

January  24, 1949-1959:  Edward Fred “Smilin’ Ed” Foltmer (Feb. 14, 1905-Jan. 5, 1980).  Foltmer had been the Assistant Principal, and his old position was not filled, so he was still in charge of discipline.  Foltmer was known for chasing down truants, all the way to Reiss’s if necessary.

1959-1975:  Bertil M. Johnson (January 21, 1911-August 5, 1997)

1975-December 1977:  Andrew Leroy Droen (May 25, 1920-December 14, 1977).  Droen started his career in South Dakota in 1945 and  had been Vice-Principal at Park since 1959.  He died suddenly from a heart attack on December 14, 1977.

December 1977 to 1987:  Richard L. Wainio.  Wainio had been Assistant Principal from 1969 to 1977.  He was also a swimming and diving coach.  During his tenure the school was recognized as a National High School of Excellence, with an award presented in the White House Rose Garden.  Mr. Wainio passed away on March 19, 2914, at the age of 85.

1987-1994   Francis (Frank) Crisman

2000 – June 2007:  Robert Laney.  On July 1, 2007, Laney became the Assistant Superintendent, replacing Dan Walker.

June 2007-June 2013:  Rob Metz – former Principal at Aquila.  Metz was Interim Principal from July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2009, and became Principal on July 1, 2009.  Metz went on to become Superintendent of Schools.


July 1, 2013 – July 1, 2014:  Joann Karetov – from Columbia Heights High School


Photo courtesy SLP Sun-Sailor


Scott Meyers became Interim Principal in July 2014 and was chosen for the position permanently on May 11, 2015.