Places In The Park – A Physical History of St. Louis Park




This book tells the story of St. Louis Park through all the various physical aspects of the city.  It draws heavily on prior research and writings while bringing it current to today.    It is a 64-page book, professionally bound, in full color and glossy paper – making it a great addition to your library.

Through generous donations that covered printing costs, nearly 100% of funds raised through sales of the book will directly support the St. Louis Park Historical Society.

Table of Contents:

  1. Lands and the Waters
  2. Railroads
  3. Pioneers and Governance
  4. Industry and Commerce
  5. Roads and Highways
  6. Schools and Education
  7. Town and Downtown
  8. Something in the water
  9. Rails & Trails & Rails
  10. 1940 Aerial Snapshot
  11. Today and Tomorrow

Published in December 2019

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