Recent Stories

We are always researching our history and updating the rich stories you find in our website.  Below are some of those recent updates:

T.B. Walker: We recently expanded our entry on this famous founding father. (January 2016)

Liquor in the Park: We recently expanded our entry in preparation for our program on the subject. (January 2016)

Elliott Royce: We mourned the loss of this wonderful and dedicated community member with a brief entry on our website.  His family has many more great memories published online if interested.  We hope to showcase Eliot’s iconic bicycle in our office someday soon. (Fall 2015)

Class of 1939 Memoir:  Elizabeth Ludwig Fuller, class of 1939, shares some memories of her school days.  Elizabeth has also donated a lot of pictures and digital records from her many years documenting her class reunions. (Summer 2015)

St. Louis Park Bank: The city’s first bank started with fanfare in 1914, but fraud, deception and intrigue led to its quick demise! (Summer 2015)