Sunset Ridge Business Park is located at 5801-5901 Cedar Lake Road between Park Place Blvd. and Zarthan Ave.  Beginning of construction was announced in the Sun in August of 1982.  The $6.24 million business condo development would be developed by Farr Commercial, Inc., an affiliate of Darrel A. Farr Development Corporation.  It was to be adjacent to Sunset Ridge Condominiums, Farr’s $23 million residential development. 


Marketing Manager David Foy stated that tax incentives under the Economic Recovery Act of 1981, inflationary pressures, and skyrocketing rental costs have made office ownership considerably more attractive than renting. 


The project was planned to have 11 single-story buildings, each with approximately 5,400 sq. ft.  Each building to be constructed of brick and cedar with a raised light gallery to provide indirect, natural lighting to the interiors.  The sites were to be sold in modular form, with suites beginning at less than 500 sq. ft. up to an entire 5,400 sq. ft. building.  Suites would start at about $58,000.  A furnished conference room, auditorium, kitchen-lunch room and storage facilities would be part of the common areas and be managed by a professional management firm.