The following information comes from Torah Academy’s 65th Anniversary book, which the school has generously provided to the St. Louis Park Historical Society.

Torah Academy first opened on May 8, 1945 (V-E Day) at 1229 Logan Ave. No. in Minneapolis.  The building was the old Russian Talmud Torah Building and started as a kindergarten-only school.  The original building was foreclosed on and the school moved to a bungalow at 1122 Oliver Ave. No. in 1954.  Grades were added through the years, with 7th grade added in 1959 and 8th grade in 1960.


In 1964, the school moved to 4000 Golden Valley Road. 

In 1974, it moved to the Talmud Torah building in St. Louis Park, 8200 W. 33rd Street.  The two entities shared the building for eight years.

In 1982, the school bought the Fern Hill School building at 2800 Joppa Ave. So. in St. Louis Park.  The new school was dedicated on October 17, 1982.  The purchase was facilitated by Louis Herman, and the building was named the Louis Herman Education Center.

As provided by the school in 2008:

Torah Academy is a non-profit day school and educational institution dedicated to providing quality Judaic and General Studies educational services to its students, parents and community members, and constituents in the Twin Cities community with a high standard of excellence.

Torah Academy was established in 1944 to administer and operate a Jewish educational institution serving the Twin Cities and suburbs. In 1953 it moved from its first location at 1229 Logan Ave. No. to 1120 Oliver Ave. No. In 1964 it moved to 4000 Golden Valley Road. In 1982 it came to the Park, taking over the former Fern Hill School at 2800 Joppa.

Torah Academy currently services 222 children from Pre-K through 8th grade. Accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary schools since 1986, Torah Academy is nationally recognized for its educational programs and services.

Torah Academy received the 2004 School of the Year Award from the National Society of Hebrew Day Schools selected from almost seven hundred Jewish Day Schools across the country.

The mission of Torah Academy is to provide Jewish children with an academic program of excellence in both Judaic and General studies in an environment that promotes character development and offers them the tools they need to grow into young men and women imbued with Jewish commitment and pride.

Torah Academy is committed to making its programs available and open to any Jewish child regardless of financial or educational ability. Torah Academy is further committed to training students in many areas, including: academic excellence, understanding and solving real world issues, becoming model citizens, and maturing into active and productive members of society.

Torah Academy offers a full curriculum in both general studies and Judaic education with supplemental programming in Special Education and Inclusion for those students who have special needs or for those with learning disabilities.

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