Much of the following information came from newspaper clippings and information provided by Mark Toretsky, who scoured microfilm to find dates and names of stores. Thanks, Mark, for these articles and others about the North Side in general.

Wallace T. Bruce was the developer of the Westwood Shopping Center, both east and west of Louisiana Ave.  In addition, he built two large apartment complexes west of Louisiana, initially called Westwood Garden and Westwood Garden South, on land that had belonged to Landers Nordblom Christenson Sand and Gravel Co.  Bruce started building homes in the area of 40th and Quentin, and went on to build tract and custom homes in other parts of St. Louis Park, Edina, and Bloomington.


The following lists tenants of the shopping center alphabetically.

Mark Toretsky has also compiled a listing by storefront for the east side and west side of Louisiana.

94SlpWestwoodShoppingCntr01 resize
1994 Photo by Emory Anderson.



The original Westwood Shopping Center is located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Cedar Lake Road and Louisiana Ave.  It cost $30,000 to build.  Armstrong and Schlicting were the architects, and it was built in the “California style.”  The Dispatch reported that pre-stressed concrete roof channels on a steel girder made it a fireproof building, the first of its kind in the area.  The parking lot accommodated 150 cars.

The Grand Opening was held on Thursday, September 30, 1954 at 2:00 PM with seven original stores.  $3,000 in prizes were given out, with the grand prize an RCA Victor color TV set.  Free Bonus Bucks were given out by the stores.

Panorama from 1957 photos created by Emory Anderson
Panorama from 1957 photos created by Emory Anderson

Some of the tenants over the years have included:

Abiquiu Nail Studio:  7127 Cedar Lake Road, 1988/89 to 1992.

Adair Dance Studio.  Ad in Dispatch on November 17, 1955.  No address given, not in phone book.

Alla’s Faces & Nails:  7127 CLR, 1982 to 1984/85.

Aquarium Concepts:  7117 CLR, 1994/95 to 1996/97

Ariana Kabob and Gyro Bistro:  7115 CLR, May 22, 2013 –   Opened by Yamah Sadozai, using recipes of his mother, Jamila.

Beauty Nails:  7125 Cedar Lake Road, 1999 to February/March 2013.

Beauty Nails. 2003 photo by Emory Anderson

Beltone-Certi Ear:  7117 CLR, 1985/86 to 1987/88

Body Mind Connection Massage:  7127 Cedar Lake Road.  1996/97 to 2008/09.

Box Suite:  7117 Cedar Lake Road.  1996/97 to 1998/99

Bravo Jewelers:  7125 Cedar Lake Road, January 2014 –

Bruce Construction Co.:  7123 Cedar Lake Road, 1961/62 to 1963.

Coast-to-Coast Hardware:  7111 Cedar Lake Road.  Grand opening was on October 8, 1969.  The owner was Sol Lederman, who had retired from a music school.  It lasted until 1999/2000; the space was annexed by Snyder Drug after Coast to Coast Hardware closed.

Westwood Shopping 01 Coast To Coast

Dollar Tree. 2019

Dollar Tree 2019. Photo by Emory Anderson

Edward Jones Investments:  7121 Cedar Lake Road, 2001 to May 2011

Eherenfeldt DT Co. Real Estate & Insurance:  7127 CLR, 1957 to 1958/59.

Elijah’s Cup:  7125 Cedar Lake Road, 1985/86 to 1987/88

Family Dollar:  7105 Cedar Lake Road, opened August 19, 2011 -2019

Westwood Family Dollar 2015
Photo by Emory Anderson



Fleur De Lis Beauty Salon:  7123 Cedar Lake Road, 1963 to 1965.


Giant Food Store:  7105 Cedar Lake Road, 1954 to 1961/62.  Eli Budd was partner manager at the opening in 1954.




HR Hit Results Fitness:  2301 Louisiana, January 2013 –

IGA Food Store (aka Westwood IGA Foodliner):  7105 Cedar Lake Road. 1962 Owner and/or Manager was Howard De Smidt. In November 1964 the store congratulated competitor National Food Store on its grand opening on the west side.

Ike’s Smoke N Gift Shop:  7121.  September 2011

Janna’s Nails:  7127 Cedar Lake Road, 1984/85 to 1987/88.

Karen’s Grand Groomers: 7123 Cedar Lake Road.  September 1980 –  1982/83

Kenny’s Food Market:  7115 Cedar Lake Road.  November 17-19, 1966 to 1972/73.  Greenstein & Sons Kosher Meats was in Kenny’s Food Market from 1967 to 1972/73 and then in Rapid Shop from 1972/73 to 1979/80.

Max and Lou’s:  7115 Cedar Lake Road, April 14, 2006 to 2007/08.

Michele’s Beauty Salon:  7123 Cedar Lake Road, 1954 to 1961/62.  Virginia Micheline and Mrs. Fay Hammond ran the salon at the opening in 1954.  7121 Cedar Lake Road, 1961/62 to 1963.

Mr. Kenneth Wigs:  7121 Cedar Lake Road, 1966 to 1967.

Park Coin:  7125 Cedar Lake Road, 1991 to 1993.

Pilgrim Cleaners

Pin Drop Hearing:  7127 Cedar Lake Road, 2009 to February/March 2013

Precision Hearing Center:  7117 Cedar Lake Road, 1987/88 –

Prout’s TV:  7125 CLR, 1995 – 1997

Rainbows End Bakery:  7115 Cedar Lake Road, 1985/86 to 2004/05.  Cake decorator Rosalie “Doll” Laboe was a co-owner.  The store began as a sundae shop at Knollwood.

Rainbow’s End. 1999. Photo by Emory Anderson.

Rapid Shop Superette and Delicatessen:  7115 Cedar Lake Road, 1972/73 to 1980.  Owned by Irving Goldberg.  Greenstein & Sons Kosher Meats was in the Rapid Shop from 1972/73 to 1979/80.  Became Westwood Delicatessen in 1980.

Samday Foto:  7127 Cedar Lake Road, May 1981 to 1982.  Fifth store as of May 6, 1981.

Shanghai Market. Opened October 2022

Shanghai Market. Photo by Emory Anderson

Sherm’s TV Repair:  7123 Cedar Lake Road, 1970/71 to 1980

Snyder Drug:  7105 Cedar Lake Road, 1980/81 to March 2010.  Despite an apparent retooling in 2009, the store closed in 2010.  Note the difference between Snyder Drug and Snyder Brothers Drug, which was at Texa Tonka.

1994 photo by Emory Anderson



Sobellas’ Tailoring & Alterations:  7123 Cedar Lake Road, November 2013 –

Stern Optical:  7125 Cedar Lake Road.  1987/88 to 1990/91

Sunny Massage:  7127 Cedar Lake Road, September 2013 to November 23, 2013.  Shut down by the City for violation of a city ordinance.

Take N Bake Pizza and Subs:  7123 Cedar Lake Road, 1982/83 to 2002/2003.  This was a commercial kitchen used for the sub business 2002/2003 to 2011 after Take N Bake closed.  The same person owned both businesses.

Tax Shop:  7121 Cedar Lake Road, 1996 to 2001.

Therapeutic Massage  (1999)

U.S. Cleaners:  7117 Cedar Lake Road.  The name of this store changed with the price.  US $2.29 Cleaners (2000/2001 to 2004), US $2.79 Cleaners (2004), and then just US Cleaners (2010 to September 2012).

Westwood Apparel Shop:  7113 Cedar Lake Road, 1954 to 1955/56.  Armand. W. Micheline, assissted by Mrs. Ruth Martinson ran the store when it opened in 1954.

Westwood Barber Shop:  1954 to 1985/86.  Henry Currie, assisted by his brother Eugene Currie, ran the shop when it opened in 1954.  Their slogan:  “It pays to look well.”  In 1967 it was Goody’s Westwood Barber Shop with barbers Goody, Ronnie, or Wayne.

Westwood Beauty:  7121 Cedar Lake Road, 1965 to 1966.

Westwood Chiropractic Center:  7127 Cedar Lake Road, 1961 to 1980/81.  Dr. R.V. Anderson

Westwood Coiffures Beauty:  7121 Cedar Lake Road, 1965 to 1966

Westwood Delicatessen, 7115 Cedar Lake Road, 1980 to 1985/86.  Owned by Bob Hanson.  A 1981 ad takes a cue from the Love Boat, depicting the Westwood Princess Deli Crew:  Bob Hanson as the Deli Captain, Rene Fishman as the Deli Purser, Aaron Mark as the Deli Doctor, and Sam Plotnick as the Deli Director.


Westwood Drug:

7115 Cedar Lake Road, 1954 to 1965 or 66.  Sherman Kassmir and wife Adeline were the owners at the opening in 1954.  The store originally had a lunch counter.

7105 Cedar Lake Road, November 1966 to 1972/73.

Westwood Snyder Drug:  7105 Cedar Lake Road, 1972/73 to 1980/81.  Owned by Conrad “Connie” Solomon and Bob Volk, early to mid- 1960s to late ’70s.

Westwood Foot Clinic:  2301 Louisiana, March 1982 to September 10, 2010.  Owned by Tom Silver, Podiatrist.

Westwood Foot Clinic 2004. Photo by Emory Anderson

Westwood Giant IGA:  7105 Cedar Lake Road, 1961/62 to 1966/67.

Westwood Hair Design:  7121 Cedar Lake Road, 1976/77 to 1994.

Westwood Hardware Shop:  7111 Cedar Lake Road, 1954 to 1969.  Carl O.J. and wife Hazel Peterson were co-partners when the store opened in 1954.

Westwood Medical Building:  2301 Louisiana, 1972/73 to 1976

Westwood Medical Center:  2301 Louisiana, 1954 to 1972/73.

Will’s Hair-em:  7121 Cedar Lake Road, 1967/68 to 1976/76.


The western portion of the shopping center was begun in June 1960 with one building that would house Westwood Liquors and Little Pigs Barbeque.  H.M. Garber Associates was named developer and leasing agent.  They opened in October and November 1964

Initial plans called for a $600,000 addition (to the east side) built on five acres of land.  Its 40,0000 square feet of store floor space would include a second supermarket, variety store, apparel stores, and restaurant.

A 23,000 square foot addition was begun in May 1964.  The Grand Opening of the newly expanded shopping center was held on November 12-14, 1964 with 18 services and stores, including a restaurant and a complete medical center.  Radio station KRSI did a two hour live broadcast.

Stores included:

Action Photo:  2312 Louisiana, 1987 to 1999.


Almsted’s Super Valu:  2326 Louisiana.  November 14, 1997 to September 17, 2011.  Owned by Jim Almsted.

Photo courtesy Al Hartman, 2011 


American Karate Studio:  2314 Louisiana, 2000/01 to May 30, 2013

Applebaum’s Grocery Store:  2326 Louisiana, August 1980 to October 18, 1980

Bernie’s Jubilee:  2326 Louisiana, 1995/96 to 1996/97.

Bernie’s Super Valu:  2326 Louisiana, August 1985 to 1995/96.  Owned by Bernard and Brigid Purdy.  In 1986 the store was completely destroyed by fire.  It was rebuilt and reopened in the spring of 1987.  The Jewish Family and Children’s Service Grocery Bus would bring senior citizens from around St. Louis Park to Bernie’s Super Valu every Tuesday because Tuesdays were senior citizens day and they would get a discount on their groceries.

Bernies Super Valu 1994. Photo by Emory Anderson

Call That Girl:  2316 Louisiana, June 2012 – July/August 2013

Collections Boutique:  2312 Louisiana, 1980/81 to 1984/85.

David Woo’s:  7239 Cedar Lake Road, 1974/75 to 1994.

Dick and Jerris Fountainbleau Beauty Salon:  2308 Louisiana, November 1964 to 1990, 1992-2000.  Initial plans called for 15 operators.  The decor was inspired by a palace in Fountainbleu, France and called for a lighted fountain as the focal point.  The Dispatch reported an innovation of the use of a European method of shampooing.  For Coiffure Tres Magnifique.  In 2000, this space was annexed by Westwood Liquors.  See Richard’s Fountainbleau below.

Hair Performers:  2308 Louisiana, 1990-92.


Henny Penny Chicken House:  7239 Cedar Lake Road, November 1964 to 1973/74Henny Penny crop resize


Jerry’s Do It Best Hardware:  2326 Louisiana, Opened February 16, 2012

2015 Photo by Emory Anderson
2015 Photo by Emory Anderson



Johnny on the Spot Cleaners

Jubilee IGA Foods:  2326 Louisiana.  1996-98

Lietzke’s Bakery:  2316 Louisiana Ave., C.W. Lietzke, prop.  November 1964 to 1984/85. “Cake Decorating Our Specialty”


Little Pigs Barbecue:  7239 Cedar Lake Road. Grand opening March 29-31, 1963.  This was in the original west building with Westwood Liquors.  It closed in 1964.



National Tea Food Store/Applebaum’s:  2326 Louisiana, October 1964 to August 1980.  Plans called for a new architectural feature, a post-free construction that would allow for 100 foot clear span of wood laminated beams.  The Dispatch reported that the store would have a sloping ceiling and 17 foot high glass show windows.  The second week of the Grand Opening Celebration featured prizes (a Hammond organ and a Zenith console TV) and the famous “Red Dot Clown” who passed out free Red Dot samples.  In 1980 the Federal Trade Commission ordered parent owner National Tea to sell the store as a result of an antitrust violation. An August 20 Minneapolis Star article stated that the store was to be sold to Fritz Tyra, who operated two Super Valu stores.





Pilgrim Cleaners

Pinocchio:  7239 Cedar Lake Road, 1973/74 to 1974/75.

Richard’s Fontainebleau Salon:  2308 Louisiana, 1978

Robb’s Super Valu:  2326 Louisiana, October 19, 1980 to May 1985.  Owned by Fritz Tyra, Robb and Rhonda Breitenbach.

St. Louis Park Super Valu:  2326 Louisiana, June to July, 1985

Sample Rack:  2312 Louisiana.  1972 to December 1977.  Formerly the Village Sampler. Became Westwood Sample Shop.  In 1980 there was a Sample Rack at 4313 Upton Ave. in Minneapolis.

Sichuan:  7239 Cedar Lake Road, 1994 to present.




Tax Shop:  2312 Louisiana, 2001


Westwood Shopping Center Tax Shop 2003. Photo by Emory Anderson




Top Temporary:  2316 Louisiana, 1997 to April 2011


Video World:  2316 Louisiana, 1985 to 1994.  VHS only.  The store suffered smoke damage from the fire at Bernie’s Super Valu in 1986.


From an ad dated November 5, 1985



Village Sampler:  2312 Louisiana, November 1964 to 1972.  Became the Sample Rack.


Westwood Liquors:  2304 Louisiana, March 1963 to present.  In April 1962, a liquor license was awarded to James Michael McGilligan, who had operated McGilligan’s Food Market at 5555 W. Lake St. since 1946.  The store had its Grand Opening on Thursday, March 28, 1963.  The ad had a western them and a slogan “The Best in the West.”

Westwood Liquors. 2003 photo by Emory Anderson





Westwood Sample Shop:  2312 Louisiana, December 1977 to 1980/81

World Tae Kwan Do:  2314 Louisiana, September 2013 –