Dan Wilson is one of several successful musicians who hail from St. Louis Park.  The following is from the St. Louis Park Sun-Sailor, in an article from January 3, 2012 by Seth Rowe:

Musician Dan Wilson wins Grammy, SLP award

It’s been a big year for musician and St. Louis Park native Dan Wilson. First he won a Grammy for his work writing songs with Adele. He then went on to win the St. Louis Park Distinguished Alumni Award.

Wilson is perhaps best known for his work as frontman and songwriter for Semisonic. His song “Closing Time” – inspired by a visit to the 400 Bar in Minneapolis – earned Wilson his first Grammy nomination. He previously performed with Trip Shakespeare, an alternative rock band fondly remembered by many Minnesotans.

Wilson still works on his own music but spends most of his time nowadays helping well-known artists write songs. He co-wrote six songs for the Dixie Chicks’ album “Taking the Long Way,” which won five Grammys. He won the 2007 Song of the Year Grammy for co-writing “Not Ready to Make Nice.”

This year, Wilson won a Grammy for co-producing Adele’s “21” album, which won the Grammy for Album of the Year. He also co-wrote the hit “Someone Like You” with the British singer.

The St. Louis Park native lives in Los Angeles but has remained a presence on the Minnesota music scene through concerts and local radio play.

Of his Grammy wins, Wilson said, “It’s amazing. I can’t really reconcile the Grammys and record sales and radio play with my sense of myself! I’m just a guy from St. Louis Park who drew a lot of funny cartoons and played in bands.”

Dan’s web site is http://www.danwilsonmusic.com/