The following are addresses of buildings for which we have some historical information. The dates of construction come from the Hennepin County Property Information Search web site.  Note that the eastern portion of the road was/is known as County Road 16.  There is also a short stretch called Old Cedar Lake Road which is mostly residential.

4330 Cedar Lake Road – Sabes Jewish Community Center:  1971

4400-4654 Cedar Lake Road – Condos:  1973

4401-4861 Cedar Lake Road – Cedar Trails Condos:  1977

4648 Cedar Lake Road – Condos:  1973

4900 Cedar Lake Road – D.R. Frantz Concrete Construction:  1955

4903 Cedar Lake Road:  1960-2009

5001 Cedar Lake Road – Office building:  1963

5005 Old Cedar Lake Road – Penny Building: 1962

5101 Cedar Lake Road – In 1964 U.S. Rubber Co. was listed at this location, although there is no such address today.  It was at Cedar Lake Road and Highway 100.  The company distributed and sold wholesale rubber goods.  At the time it had 75 employees.

5120 Cedar Lake Road:  Industrial:  1976

5310 Cedar Lake Road – Maytag (1960)


5329 Cedar Lake Road – Reynolds Aluminum Building Products Service Center – 1972

This is a little mysterious.  The St. Louis Park Sun reported the following on June 22, 1972:

FAST BUILDING- There was a time when it took nearly a year to build a warehouse containing over 10,000 square feet.  Today, using prestressed concrete panels, the time has been cut to less than six weeks for this sizeable building.  The wall panels on the structure for Reynolds Metals Company were erected in two and a half working days.  The building contained temporary steel columns that were later removed, giving the interior a smooth finish that can be painted or left in a natural state.  Doors are sawed through the panels at the job site…  The Reynolds Metals building, to be used as a warehouse for product distribution to contractors, was designed and is being constructed by Raunhorst Corporation.  Fabcon, Inc., the producer of “instant wall, floor an ceiling panels,” is located in Savage, Minn.  The Reynolds Metals site is at Cedar Lake Road and Highway 100.

The phone directory lists the Reynolds Aluminum Building Products Service Center at 5329 Cty. Rd. 16 (Cedar Lake Road) through 1985.  Where did it go?  It’s close by Highway 100, so perhaps it had to be dismantled as fast as it was built for highway construction.

5330 Cedar Lake Road – Admiral:  1964/2008


5525 Cedar Lake Road – Northwest Racquet, Swim, [and Health] Club:  1973-81

5600-5700 Cedar Lake Road – Honeywell/Costco:  1965/1997

5605-11 Cedar Lake Road – EZ Mini Storage:  1973

5800-5850 Cedar Lake Road – Honeywell/Home Depot:  1965/1997

5801-5901 Cedar Lake Road – Sunset Ridge Business Park:  1983

6719 Cedar Lake Road – Ascension Church:   1947

6800 Cedar Lake Road – Eliot School:  1926

7101-27 Cedar Lake Road – Westwood Shopping Center East:  1954

7120 Cedar Lake Road – Gas/Dry Cleaner:  1954

7200 Cedar Lake Road – Gas/Walgreens:  1953/1960/1998/2008

7239 Cedar Lake Road – Westwood Shopping Center West:  1964

7240/7244 Cedar Lake Road – Sol’s Superette:  1963-1998

7307-7321 Cedar Lake Road – Westwood Gardens Apartments:  1963

7316 Cedar Lake Road – Apartments:  1962

7520 Cedar Lake Road – Hurd Park

7624 Cedar Lake Road – Peace Presbyterian Church:  1958

9001 Cedar Lake Road – Westwood Lutheran Church:  1955

9400 Cedar Lake Road – Cedar Manor School:  1957