The Kilmer neighborhood was annexed from Minnetonka Township in 1954.  See annexations and borders.  Its subdivisions are:

  • Cedar Knoll Manor 3rd Addition (platted December 22, 1954)

  • Cedar Knoll Manor 4th Addition (platted December 19, 1955)

  • Reg. Land Survey No. 0527 (platted January 24, 1956)

  • Cedar Knoll Manor 5th Addition (platted June 21, 1961 – 1 site)

St. Louis Park was ahead of Minnetonka in terms of its ability to provide water and sewer to new development, and developers Ecklund and Swedlund, who owned the property, lobbied for the annexation to expedite their ability to develop the land. By 1957, three new wells were dug. 

The Kilmer neighborhood is residential, designed with curved streets.  It sits between I-394 and Ford Road, and Wayzata Blvd. and Runnymeade Lane.  Within those confines, there are approximately seven tracts that still belong to Minnetonka. 

Kilmer Pond is located on Kilmer Ave., south of 16th Street and west of Highway 169. It had been acquired without cost before 1960 – probably donated by the developers. It was a flooding eyesore until the Cedar Manor community and the Lakeview Garden Club got together and planted trees and flowers to beautify the park in 1965. More work was done the following year.