The following is a list of the schools in St. Louis Park, past and present.  Please contact us if you have any additions or corrections.

Aquila Elementary School was built in 1957 at 8500 W. 31st. Street. An addition was built in 1967.

Benilde High School for Catholic Boys, located at 2501 Highway 100 So., was built by the Christian Brothers in 1955. In 1974, Benilde merged with St. Margaret’s Academy, a Catholic girls’ school in Minneapolis.

Bais Yaakov High School is a “college preparatory high school for young women offering Jewish and academic studies.” The St. Louis Park school began in 1996 and is located in the upper level of Congregation Bais Yisroel, 4221 Sunset Blvd.

Brookside Elementary School opened in 1921 at 4100 Vernon Ave. Additions were built in 1926 and 1949. The building was decommissioned as a St. Louis Park school in 1975 and turned into a community center.  The building is now condos.

Cedar Manor Elementary School was built at 9400 Cedar Lake Road in 1957.  The building was leased for many years to a French school, but in 2019 it became the new home to the Park Spanish Immersion elementary school, which moved out of Central.

Central: The first, western portion of what would become Central Jr. High was built in 1914 at 6300 Walker Street. In 1937 a new High School was built next to the 1914 structure, and major additions were made in 1941. In 1952 the old 1914 structure was demolished and replaced. Other additions came in 1963 and 1967. In 1980 it was decommissioned as a junior high in 1996 became the home of a Spanish Immersion Program (K-6) until 2019.

Eliot Elementary School was built in 1926 at 6800 So. Cedar Lake Road when the North Side School burned down. 20 more classrooms were added in 1952. The school was closed in 1977.  The building has been demolished and condos are being built on the land

Ethel Baston Elementary School was built in 1955 at 3200 Highway 100 So. It was sold to Groves Learning Center in 1982.

Fern Hill School I was built in 1905 at 4725 Minnetonka Blvd. (at Ottawa). It was closed in 1950 and the Fern Hill name was transferred to a new building. The original building on Minnetonka was recommissioned as Park Hill. An apartment building now sits on the site.

Fern Hill School II was built at 2800 Joppa Ave. in 1950. It was sold to Torah Academy in 1982.

Groves Academy came to St. Louis Park in 1982 when Ethel Baston School at 3200 Highway 100 So. was sold.

St. Louis Park Senior High School was built in 1956 at 6425 W. 33rd Street. The Circle was added in 1962-63, and other additions have been made over the years.

Holy Family Academy opened in the fall of 1951 at 5925 W. Lake St.

Lenox Elementary School, was built in 1925 at 6715 Minnetonka Blvd.

Lincoln School was built in 1889 at 5925 W. 37th Street. It was sold to the Village in 1938 and used as Village Hall until 1963. It was demolished by Minnesota Rubber in 1966.

Maimonides High School was founded in 1982, at the time the first and only Jewish High School in the Midwest. Its location was the Jewish Community Center.

Manhattan Park School was built in 1885 and was located on Inglewood and 31st. It was discontinued in 1905, and there is no sign of it today.

Metropolitan Open School is located at 3390 Library Lane. The K-8 school was established in 1972.

Minneapolis Jewish Day School, located at 4330 Cedar Lake Road, serves grades K-6. The school came to St. Louis Park in 1984.

Most Holy Trinity Catholic School, located at 3949 Wooddale Ave., opened in September 1945.  Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church has been demolished and townhomes are being built on the property.

North Side School was built in 1885. It burned down in 1926. It was rebuilt as Eliot.

Oak Hill I: The first Oak Hill School building was the old Pratt Schoolhouse, which was moved to Pennsylvania and Walker in 1892. It was also known as South School in this location. It was replaced in 1918.

Oak Hill II: In 1918 the original Oak Hill School building was replaced by a brick building at Walker and Quebec, very near the Creosote plant. More classrooms were added in 1924. Oak Hill was transformed into offices in 1972, decommissioned altogether in 1974, and sold. The site is now a park.

Park Hill Elementary, Minnetonka Blvd. and Ottawa Avenue, came into being in 1950, but was actually an older school originally called Fern Hill (I), built in 1905. It was decommissioned in 1967.

Park Knoll School was built in 1952 at Texas Avenue and 36th Street. In 1978 it was sold for $1 million to be used as a parking lot at Knollwood.

Park Spanish Immersion School was started in 1996 with Kindergarten, adding grades each year until it served K-6 in 2002. It is located in the old Central building at 6300 Walker Street.

Peter Hobart Elementary School was built in 1967 at 6500 W. 26th Street.

Pratt School was opened in 1859 – the first school in the Park. It was located at Excelsior Blvd. and Wooddale, then called Pleasant Ave. (Later site of Lilac Way, now site of Park Village.) The school was discontinued in 1890 and moved to be the first Oak Hill School in 1892.

Susan Lindgren Elementary School was opened in 1968 at 4801 W. 41st Street.

Timothy Lutheran Day School, a protestant day school, was convened in 1958 in the basement of Timothy Lutheran Church, 7814 Minnetonka Blvd.  The school has been closed.

Torah Academy is located at 2800 Joppa, the former site of Fern Hill School. The school came to this location in 1982.

Twin Cities Jewish Middle School is located at the Barry Family Campus educational wing attached to the Sabes Jewish Community Center. It serves grades 7-8.

Westwood Junior High was built at 2025 Texas Avenue So. in 1959. An addition was built in 1967. It became St. Louis Park Jr. High in 1980 and is now St. Louis Park Middle School.