These are some of St. Louis Park’s most unusual houses and buildings.  Also see Houses and Buildings.

Alcoa Aluminum House – 8000 Westwood Hills Drive

Brick Block – Walker and Hamilton Buildings

Cobble Crest

The Dewey House

Dr. Watson’s House: 3800 France Ave.

The Round Building: 3000 France

Hamilton Building

Hillcrest Development (former Nestle Plant) – 5320 W. 23rd Street

Kinsell House: 3647 Sumter Ave. So.

The Sustainable House: 6200 Meadowbrook Blvd.

Meadowbrook Manor Apartments

Monitor Houses

Prince’s Rehearsal Warehouse

Tucker’s Tree House

Upland View: 4090 Brookside Ave.

WWII Veterans’ Housing

The Waiting Station

Walker Building

Walker Houses

The Westling House

Wooddale Professional Building/The Parsonage

Frank Lloyd Wright House


House of Two Mayors: 4130 Yosemite