Each of the people or family listed have a connection to St. Louis Park, whether as a native son or daughter who achieved great things or as a member of the community who contributed to the growth of the city. Additions and corrections are very welcome; please contact us.  We have a separate page listing authors, actors and artists with St. Louis Park connections, with some overlap to this list.


S. Earl Ainsworth

Earl Ames and Family – Also see Something in the Water

Darlene Anderson

Camille Andre


The Aretz Family (Bunny’s)

Morten Arneson


Carole Banbury Shulman

Tommy Banks

The Bartholome(w) Family

The Baston Family

Bert Baston

Ethel Baston

The Bates Family (Bertha and Irene)

Tommy Bates

Walter Beach

H.A. Bengston

Louis Berkowitz

The Billman Family

Michael Blodgett

Yiddy and Harry Bloom

The Bolmgren Family

Blanche Boyce

Dr. Glenn D. Braatz

Frank L. Bradley

The Frank W. Bradley FamilySomething in the Water

The Bridgeman Family

George L. Brooks

Aaron Brown

Charlie Brown

Doc Brown – Also see Something in the Water

Henry F. Brown

Sid Brown

Sid Brown and Norman Moldestad – Something in the Water

Don Byers Memoir – Something in the Water



Kid Cann

Suzanne Cargill

Herbert Carleton

The Carlstrom Family – Something in the Water

Bertram W. Carpenter

Margaret and David Chatelaine (Colonial Inn)

The Christy FamilySomething in the Water

Joel Barber Clough

The Coen Brothers

Marjorie Congdon


James Dahl

Shorty Dale

Dr. Harry W. Darby

Herb Davis – From the Re-Echo, Vol. 2, No. 2

Spencer E. Davis – Monitor Drill

LeRoy DeBoom

Anita Silbert Deikel

Ted Dietrick – Something in the Water

Downings on Hanke Avenue – Something in the Water

The Downings of “Center” – Something in the Water

The Doyle Family

The Dresser Family on Salem – Something in the Water

Mildred Dudding – from the Re-Echo, Vol. 4 No. 1

The Dunne Brothers and the Strikes of 1934

Moses Dworsky

Lynn Dwyer – Roundhouse Rodney



O.K. Earle

Harold Enestvedt

Carl and Catherine Erickson

Gust Erickson (Park Tavern)

O.B. Erickson



The Falvey Family

Famous Parkites

The Felber Family

Russell Fernstrom

Mary Monica Ferris

Adolph Fine

Leo Fine

Marshall Fine


The Finnegan Family – Something in the Water

Lucy Rose Fischer

Dr. Ernest Fitch

Kleve J. Flakne

Peggy Flanagan

Frank Fleetham

The Ralph Fletcher Family

Donald Fletcher – See Something in the Water

Arne Fogel

Margaret Fornell Maunder

The Forsythe Family – Something in the Water

Katie Foss

Martin Fowler

Al Franken

Charles M. Friedheim

Thomas Friedman

The Friegang Family


Amelita Galli-Curci

Amelita Galli-Curci – Something in the Water

Gary Gears

Isadore V. Gedney

Ted Georgas – Lilac Way Candies

George W. Gibson

Nate Goldstone

Calvin Goodrich

George Goodrich

John A. Goodrich

Carl Graeser

The Grimes Family

Doug Gullifer



Art Hager

Steven Mark Hahn

Doug Haining

Halsey Hall

Halsey Hall Memoir – Something in the Water

Joseph Hamilton

Joseph Hamilton – Something in the Water

The Hanke Family

Lyle Hanks

Hansen Family Memoir – Something in the Water

George Hartmann

Marie Hartmann

Marie Hartmann – Something in the Water

Hatch Family Memoir

George Haun

The Hautman Family

Joe Hayano – Minnetonka Skelly

Gregory Hedberg

Hembre Family

Dorothy Henry

Min Himmelman

Peter Himmelman

The Hobart Family

Agnes Hodgdon

Hodgkinson Family Memoir – Something in the Water

The Holasek Family

Lloyd Holm – From the Re-Echo, Vol. 5, No. 2

Frank Howard

Greg Howard

Scotty Hudson

Carroll Hurd

Carroll Hurd – Something in the Water



Sharon Isbin

Dan Israel


The Jackley Family

Jeff Jacobs

Bob Jacobson

Ernie Jacobsen

Mel Jass

The Jenkins Family – Something in the Water

Early Jewish Families

Esther Johnson (Yngve)

Harald N. Johnson (Mink Farm)

Jack Johnson

Dr. Reinald G. Johnson

Torval Jorvig – Also see  Something in the Water

Joe Justad


Mark Kalman

Kid Cann

Theodore Kidder

John Kinsell

Danny Klayman

Dennis Koslowski

Ben Koval

Bud Kraehling


Mary Lahammer

Dorothy Hatch Langlie

Louis M. Larson

The Laycock Family

Laycock Family Memoir – Something in the Water

Max Lazarus

Herbert P. Lefler

Dr. B. Robert Lewis

Woodfin Lewis

Peter Liepke

Skip Liepke

Skip Liepke – From the Re-Echo, Vol. 3, No. 1

The Lietzke Family

Susan Linnee

David Lloyd

Al Lovaas

Ludwig Family



Betty Ann McCall

The McGary Family

Fire Chief Omar McGary – From the Re-Echo Vol. 1 No. 4

Cornell MacNeil

Robert McNulty

Phyllis McQuaid

Edwin F. Martin

Wayne P. Martin

William M. Martin

A.T. Masters

Margaret Fornell Maunder

The Melbourne Family

Charles J. Miller

The Moldestad Family – See also Something in the Water

Dudley Moylan – From the Re-Echo Vol. 4 No. 2



Neitzel Family

Andy Nelson

Dorothea Nelson

Earnest W. Nelson

Frank Nelson – Something in the Water

Nemec Family

Jake Nilva

Carl Noren

Notable Parkites

Frank Nye – Automobile Milestones, 1904 and 1911



Hugh O’Brien

Scott Olson

Norm Ornstein

Martha Ostenso


Andraes Papandreaeu

Jeff Passolt

Emil Pearson – From the Re-Echo, Vol. 5, No. 1

The Pearson Family – Something in the Water

Howard W. Perkins

Jim Petersen

Axel Peterson

The Plehal Family

Julius E. Pockrandt

John Leslie Pollock

Dr. Irving Posnick

The Pratt Family

Frank Pucci


Donald Quinn



The Ralles FamilySomething in the Water

Evelyn Raymond

Harry Reasoner

The Rees Family

Dutch Reider

Bob Reiss

The Renner Family

The Renner Family – Something in the Water

David Reynolds

Jim Rhodes

Nelson Horatio Rice

Sam Richter

Eddie Rickenbacker – From the Re-Echo, Vol. 2, No. 1

Meshulan Riklis – From the Re-Echo, Vol. 9, No. 4

The Rivkin Brothers

The Rixon Family

The Roberts Family of Oak Hill

E.O. “Bud” Rodberg

Lydia Rogers

Lydia Rogers – Something in the Water

H. Vance Rorbach

Mark Rosen

Percy Ross

Roundhouse Rodney – Lynn Dwyer

Elliott Royce

Conrad N. Ruedlinger

Si Rutherford

The Rye Family


The Sandvig Family

Dusty Sauter

Lee Savold

Gene E. Schadow

The Seirup Family – See also Something in the Water

The Sewall Family – See also Something in the Water

Nate Shepard

The Shinn Family

Carole Banbury Shulman

Barry Siewert (Barry McKinna)

Anita Silbert

Maurice Silverman

Clara and Norwood Smith (Colonial Inn)

The Sorensen Family

The Stageberg Family

The Stasney Family – Something in the Water

Bob Stein

Warren Martin Stellmacher

Win Stephens

Irving Stern

Bruce Stillman

Fred W. Sugden

Clayton Swenson

Don Swenson – Also see  Something in the Water


Len Thiel

Norman Thomas

Walter Thomas

Dana Thompson

Dana Thompson – Something in the Water

Luther Melanchton “Deacon” Thomson

Lazarus Tilleny

The Tingdale Brothers

Morris Tunick

Stan Turner



E.J. Vraalstad



C.B. Waddell


T.B. Walker

Dr. John Watson

Alan Weisman

The Werner Family

The Werner Family – Something in the Water

John and Norma Westman – Westman Floral

The Whalen Family

Elmer Whipps

Dr. John J. Wild

The Williams Family – Also see  Something in the Water

J. Frank Williams – Creosote Memoir

Dan Wilson

Bob Wolfe, Photographer

Kenneth Wolfe

Jimmy Wong (Foo Chu)

Bridget Wynn



The Yngve Family


Mike Zoss